Fletcher Directs is run by Jessica Fletcher Wiechman, a trained actor, experienced director, published playwright, working theatre technician and a professor in the Theatre Arts Department at Shasta College, Redding, Ca.


Fletcher Directs offers group courses and workshops to actors, directors, artistic designers, theatre technicians and script writers of all ages and skill levels and is dedicated to each student's individual goals for growth and development, personally and professionally.


With over twenty years of practical theatre experience (both locally and internationally), Fletcher Directs strives to teach the fundamental theories and practices of drama. But more importantly, Fletcher Directs places an emphasis on how the creative and collaborative elements of theatre on-stage directly translate to greater concentration, present mindfulness, self-confidence, honesty, and empathy that enriches our relationships and lives off stage.

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A New Venture for a Dynamic Duo - Lizzie Stoxen and Jessica Fletcher Wiechman

With the opening of Lizzie Stoxen's new studio in downtown Redding, Fletcher is excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with her close friend, accomplished colleague and business owner. Lizzie is a talented singer and performer, a successful private vocal coach, an experienced director and a dedicated educator in Shasta County's music and theatre arts communities.